Shore Environmental Landscape

Design and Management

Landscape Design

Utilizing the latest in CAD design software and drafting, our certified designer will provide complete plans including both mono and full-color drawings, plant & materials lists and time estimates.  Everything from entire property landscapes to a small renovation of an existing landscape, Shore Environmental Landscape will meet your design needs.

Lawn & Property Maintenance

Shore Environmental Landscape provides professional and reliable lawn care and property maintenance at an affordable price.  We provide weekly mowing, edging and blowing.  Routine plant bed, trimming of shrubs and other landscape plants, and professional perennial pruning. We take pride in our techniques and practices to provide an annual service plan that is high quality and friendly to the environment. 

Seasonal Clean-ups

Just as important as routine lawn care, are seasonal clean-ups.  Both spring and fall, Shore Environmental Landscape will have your property looking its best for the upcoming season and prepared for the cold months of winter. 

Annual Plantings

Looking to add some seasonal color to your landscape?  Let Shore Environmental Landscape install annual flowers in your landscape to add color that will last all season.  We select the proper plants for your landscape so your flowers will bloom large and full throughout the growing season.

Decorative Stone & Mulch

We provide the installation of both mulch and many types of decorative stone.  Mulch not only provides a fresh looking landscape but also aid in moisture retention and weed control in plant beds.  With decorative stone, we can provide both an aesthetic and low maintenance option for your landscape.

Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control

Shore Environmental provides professionally licensed lawn fertilization and pest control.  We start with crabgrass control in the early spring and treat all season long preparing your lawn for our cold New Jersey winter months.

Snow Removal

When the snow hits the Jersey Shore, Shore Environmental Landscape will be there.  From snow plowing to residential snow removal, Shore Environmental Landscape will keep you at ease during each snow event.  We provide ice-melt during each snow event as well as pre-treatments in preparation for any ice or freezing precipitation.  We use multiple ice melt products to ensure proper melt even in the coldest of temperatures.